About Us

We believe that home made food is the best food in the world. To enhance the quality of home made food and to make your experience enjoyable with us, we help you to get fresh sea food at your doorstep. We buy fish from port and deliver it to your doorstep. Our quality service ensures that only best quality fish is available at your doorstep. All fish are delivered in a chilled box covered with ice.

Tips to store fish

In order to get the optimimum flavour and freshness, we recommend that you use fish within a day or two of delivery. To store, put the fish on a plate, cover loosely, and place in the coldest part of the refrigerator. However, if the fish is to be kept for three or at most four days, it is advisable to put the fish in a sealed plastic bag which is then placed in a dish containing a layer of ice and it is then covered by a second ice layer. Do not allow direct contact between the fish and the ice for any length of time and wash the fish fillets before using.Test